Code of Ethics

The American Way Charities provides and promotes leadership, support and assistance to help its membership to develop, build and promote strong local communities so that each citizen has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

The American Way Charities has a vision that focuses being the most trusted, valued participant and/or partner in building and promoting healthy and caring communities.

In order to achieve this vision, it is imperative that we provide leadership which is predicated upon the ethical behavior of our volunteers and staff members.

The American Way Charities Code of Ethics is to identify and define ethical behavior and to promote the greatest standards of ethical conduct and responsibilities.

The American Way Charities Code of Ethics is predicated upon the organization’s mission and directed by high aspirations, enhanced values, and achievable goals and objectives.

The American Way Charities Momentum

Our Stated Mission

The American Way is dedicated to improving the lives of our citizens and building our local communities through the process of direct engagement and mobilizing collective

Our Charitable Aspirations

The American Way aspires to:

  • Motivate and inspire citizens to initiate a positive difference in their local communities
  • Promote opportunities for citizens to achieve their highest potential of leadership and service for their local community
  • Design citizen care programs within and across each community
  • Build coalitions around charitable programs
  • Enhance investments in programs through the expansion and diversification of our resource development and donations and supporting others

Our Value System

The American Way Values are to:

  • Promote and codify integrity, trust, respect, and transparency
  • Promote volunteerism and volunteer leadership
  • Promote partnerships, innovation and collective cooperation
  • Promote leadership that is non-partisan
  • Promote diversified action

Our Strategies

The American Way Strategies are to:

  • Involve and mobilize each local community
  • Involve and address underlying situations
  • Enhance and strengthen the services of non-profits and local communities
  • Promote and influence public opinion, systems and policies

Our Goal

The American Way Goal is to:

  • Promote and enhance the capacity and emphasize the Momentum to achieve our Mission
  • The American Way Seeks to Initiate the Goal by:
  • Promoting and building our members skills and capacities
  • Promoting collective action and enhancing our Momentum
  • Promoting the required leadership on significant issues
  • Promoting and providing volunteers with information that will assist them in initiating ethical decisions in compliance with acceptable moral and legal requirements
  • The American Way Accountability
  • Promote transparency in the reporting, monitoring and evaluating performance
  • Promote ethical stewardship of fees, grants, contributions, donations utilized for employee salaries, benefits and acceptable operating expenses

The American Way Diversity and Equality
  • Promote equal opportunities, disregarding race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age or mental or physical disability
  • Promote diversity in selection of employees, staff, consultants and vendors
  • Promote a policy of non discriminatory behavior
  • The American Way Related to Political Activities
  • Shall not engage in partisan political activity
  • Shall not directly or indirectly support any political party
  • Shall not distribute political literature directly or indirectly for any political party
  • Shall not provide financing for any political party
  • Shall not support any political candidate for public office
  • The American Way Dedication to Personal Conduct
  • Promote honesty and integrity to others in all situations
  • Promote honest and open communication within the organization and to others
  • Promote a constructive working environment where interaction and diverse views are acceptable and appreciated
  • Promote excellence and respect for other in all aspects of the working environment
  • Promote voluntary donations and preventing coercion in negotiating with donors and/or vendors
  • The American Way Shall Avoid Conflict of Interest
  • Promote and ensure that there is no conflict between personal and private interests of volunteers and non-elected officials
  • Promote and endure employment does not adversely affect performance of duties or the acquisition of the mission at hand
  • Promote the refusal to accept any gift, gratuity or favor during the performance of duties with the exception of promotional things of insignificant value
  • Promote to not knowingly take any action that results in financial gain to ourselves, family or other related interests
  • Promote the divulging of all known conflicts and/or potential conflicts of interest relative to any matter being considered by Directors or Committee
  • Promote the withdrawal from any situation and/or discussion that may constitute a conflict of interest
  • Promote the filing and disclosure of any and all known conflicts of interest with the proper authoritative entity at the beginning of each term

The American Way Respect for Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Promote the respect, privacy and confidentiality to preserve the trust to all concerned parties
  • Promote taking appropriate action when complying with federal laws regarding the disclosure of confidential information
  • Promote the safeguarding of privacy rights of volunteers and non-elected officials in performance of their responsibilities
  • Promote the adherence to Board policies and procedures regarding privacy and confidentially items

The American Way Disclosure of Breach of the Code of Ethics
  • Any and all know breaches of the Code of Ethics shall be reported to the proper administrative authority
  • Each breach shall be treated promptly, fairly and with consideration
  • Each breach shall be treated within the confines allowed by the law and the organization’s responsibility to initiate an investigation

The American Way Extends Its Thanks
  • We extend our thanks to those corporations, employers, labor organizations and employees for their support
  • We also extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to those generous supporters who provide assistance to the American Way in providing valuable financial support and other services to our local communities

The American Way Asks You to Donate
  • We at the American Way have observed that when we all work together we are able to make a tremendous and listing difference in each and every local community in which service.
  • The financial donations that are provided to the American Way create endless opportunities to help and assist everyone in local communities throughout America

Thank you for your Contributions to American Way Charities

The American Way and Its Volunteers

The American Way would like to sincerely thank those dedicated and loyal individuals in America who contribute their valuable time, expertise and talent to help and assist those in need.

Volunteers are the backbone of a charitable organization and are a critical ingredient in the American Way operation. Without volunteers the American Way would not be able effectuate positive change in local communities.

The Benefits of the American Way Volunteer Program

  • The American Way provides a number of benefits when a person decides to volunteer:
  • Interact with highly motivated people who have a common goal of making their local community a better place to live initiate, develop and enhance your skill level with other volunteers
  • Participate and gain valued non-profit organizational experience
  • Join a team of participants that shares and contributes to the local community

The Varied American Way Volunteering Program

Contributing to your community is admirable and enjoyable with the American Way.

There are endless opportunities that will easily integrate into your personal format, which may include:

  • Promote and support an American Way charitable event in your local community
  • Contribute your expertise, skills and attributes to your American Way
  • Volunteer to participate in a scheduled social event funded through the American Way
  • Join and participate in and with an American Way Board or other Campaign
  • Initiate and contact your American Way and participate as a volunteer in your chosen community
  • The American Way Charities Call to Action

It is comparatively effortless to participate in your local community if you are highly motivated and have compassion about a particular cause. The American Way has found that people who participate are usually rewarded with a high level of personal satisfaction.

You can take action by:

  • Participating with others in your community about the improvements that you would like to initiate to make it better for those who need help and assistance
  • Inquire and initiate contact with the American Way to learn more about the public policy and become an advocate to further help the community
  • Submitting a written inquiry to your United States government representative to learn more about the prevailing issues in your local community
  • Conduct research in a variety of media regarding current and up-to-date activities affecting the non-profit organization in America
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