Our Commitment

The American Way Charities employees and administrative staff members are dedicated to actively participating and working diligently in each local community. Our major goal is to participate with each community to initiate and create opportunities for all American citizens to have a quality life in the community in which they reside.

The American Way Charities has initiated a newly designed mission to improve the quality of life and provide each and every community with the tools for positive action.

By joining with the residents of each community we are able to:

  • Promote and demonstrate the attributes of integrity, trust, honesty, transparency, respect and inclusiveness
  • Promote and enhance volunteerism and leadership within the community residents
  • Promote participation, innovation and partnerships for non-partisan diverse community leadership
  • Each and every day, the American Way staff and volunteers are diligently working in communities throughout the United States of America. It is our goal to promote and create opportunities for all Americans to provide a more full and productive life.

One or our newest missions, is identified as our Community Participation Mission. The American Way endeavors to improve the lives of those living in the community and enhance collective and individual participation.

When working and interacting together, we promote integrity, trust, transparency and respect promote and direct volunteerism and leadership endorse partnerships, enhance diversity, collective participation and leadership.

Please help us spread the word about the American Way throughout all the communities in the United States.