Providing For Our Children

American Way Charities believes strongly in providing for our children who will one day control the future of each and every community in America.

We strongly belief that if a child is to be a success in life, he/she must have the opportunity and have access to those educational programs that will enhance learning. Each child must be able to interact and achieve a head start in life by and through positive educational learning experiences from elementary through graduation from high school. In addition, each child should experience and participate in recreational and mentoring programs so that they can develop their individual attributes and personal interests.

The American Way Charities attempts to develop partnerships with government at all levels, business enterprises and human service organizations. We believe strongly in developing relationships with community participants that will assist in alleviating the stumbling blocks that many children and/or youth encounter from their childhood through to their chosen working life career and/or profession.

The American Way Charities Provides Programs & Services for:

  • Family nutritional programs
  • After school co-curricular activities
  • Recreational excursions, arts, crafts, sports programs
  • Children and youth mental health-oriented programs
  • Mentoring and homework completion programs
  • Adult interactive programs
  • Parent and child relationship programs
  • Public or private school readiness programs